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Walkways in need of repair

park-photo-rgbIt is a wonderful idea I heard to name the East Bay Park in Martinez for Ted and Kathy Radke because of Mr. Radke’s 30 years service on the Board of Directors for the park district. It is a nice honor for the Radke Family.

I hope that the district is planning on repairs of the southern part of the asphalt walkways that are being badly damaged and destroyed by the parks maintenance trucks that are driving on those walkways. The walkways were not made to withstand the weight of the heavy pickup trucks.  They are in need of a real make-over to make them like the northern part of the walkway. At this time it is difficult for two people to  walk on them together or use a stroller, wheel chair, or wheel walker.

Martinez folks are lucky to have a 30 minute walking path. I would like it to be enjoyable and safer to use for everyone.

– Dr. Norman McDonald, born and raised in Martinez

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