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Technology has given many artists a brand-new platform to share themselves and their work. Martinez local, Michael Figueroa is a man of many talents – storyteller, director, comedian and musician. Yet when asked what he does, he just says, “I am a creator.” Figueroa is quickly gaining popularity online for his music videos and daily vlogs; his latest video has already surpassed 400,000 views of Facebook. Figueroa’s goal is simple: “Giving you 365 days of my life delivered to you via YouTube.” From his vlogs, the viewers can get inside the mind of the artist. “I want to push myself and inspire others to get out there and do something creative every day.”

In his video, “Making Beats with My Mom,” Figueroa invites us into his Martinez studio where he works with his mother, Mary Jane, and together they create a song from scratch. “It just flows out of me,” explains Figueroa. “I sit down to make something, and it just happens.”

The YouTuber’s videos range from mixing beats to playing ball with his friends. In another vlog, Figueroa takes the camera with him to the Farmers Market where he befriends a local sales lady, and even gets behind the stand himself to help her sell her product. With Figueroa’s help, she sells five times her usual amount. “I love helping people, it’s like my drug. I want a platform to help people on a big scale and I’d like to start in Martinez.”

Figueroa’s videos are fun and light hearted but when you sit down and watch them, you are seeing an artist transform and master his craft. “I don’t do what people tell me to do, I don’t subscribe to that idea. I work hard to create, and do what I do.”

Technology is allowing Figueroa to express himself and put himself out there in ways he has never done before. “Making these video’s everyday pushes me to want to do and create more.”

Figueroa has made it clear, that he isn’t stopping anytime soon. In the meantime, this writer is eager to see what he does next.

You can subscribe to his YouTube Channel or follow him on Facebook:

YouTube: dlE_1s1M6eog73FQ


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