Campbell: ‘When is enough, enough’ on Pine Meadow?

Dear Editor,

I have closely followed the Pine Meadow Golf Course development. I follow Friends of Pine Meadow Facebook and articles and letters in the local newspapers and on social media. I am now aware to the omissions and selected material presented by Friends of Pine Meadow on social media.  In January, the City Council found that decades ago, the property was improperly/illegally zoned Permanent Open Space. I trust the decision of the Council and believe it was an informed, deliberate decision to correct a mistake of decades ago.

Why are Friends of Pine Meadow asking that the Council decision be rescinded and studied further? When is enough, enough? I have seen nothing that shows the owners presented false, untrue information. In fact the presentation to the Council shows everything the owner’s daughter has argued from the beginning is TRUE. But, to me the most important fact of all was that in March 1974, there was a City- wide election that voted down the proposal to purchase Pine Meadow for open space. I believe when the citizens voted “No” to purchasing the property for open space, then that should stand. I find Friends of Pine Meadow, in discounting or giving no importance to the vote of the people, arrogant and insulting at the very least.

The owners and developer have met everything required of them by the city. I attended community meetings on this development and it was obvious that they solicited from the public as much comment as possible. No one’s free speech was stifled; to the contrary it was encouraged. What more do you want out of them? Let them build the beautiful subdivision they proposed (though I really like the idea of Senior Housing).

I view the request to rescind the Council’s decision nothing but harassment. How much more do you expect of the family and developer? Move on to other causes Friends of Pine Meadow – enough!

– Kathie Campbell

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