Bulldogs beat down by Mats in home loss

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Alhambra’s boys were always going to have a tough time with Miramonte. The Mats were a playoff team in 2016, and their first contest with the Dogs showed why.

The Bulldogs’ varsity side lost 17-7 on March 21, with the Matadors putting in a dominating first half display with a flurry of goals.

In the first quarter of play the Matadors scored five times before the end of the period. Alhambra’s defenders were caught off guard as Miramonte’s movement slowly pulled players out of position and created open space and shooting lanes.

It wasn’t until senior Jack Eaves scored in the first minute of the second quarter that the Bulldogs opened their account.

Even so, his goal along with one from fellow captain Cole Malinowski still had the Bulldogs starting at a large deficit.

Only in the third quarter did the Bulldogs make any type of a run that threatened the Mats. Coach Al Boyce told his boys after a 4-4 quarter that they won the quarter.

When it came to the two teams playing all full strength, the Dogs outscored the Mats. But the Matadors scored three goals in a single man advantage.

That was the mark that allowed the Mats to add on in the fourth quarter and ultimately clean up and win. The loss was the Bulldogs’ fourth in a row. The team is 1-6 on the season.

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