‘Trust of the mayor?’

I recall something about (Mayor Rob) Schroder’s comments when he made appointments last year and I am glad the writer in the letter, “Mayor Not to be Trusted,” remembered it in detail.

Now, Schroder has struck again. Last week, once more he violated what he said he would do. He said last year he wanted to give new people the opportunity to serve as his reason for not reappointing some highly qualified commissioners who had served for some time. Then last week he appointed two people who had served recently or are already serving appointments made by him.

His appointments to the Measure D Oversight Committee included one person who he appointed just last year to the PRMCC (Parks, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission) at the very meeting where he made his comments about seeking new community participation. He appointed a second person to the Measure D Committee who has served on the PRMCC and the Measure H Oversight Committee.

I am in no way questioning the qualifications of the appointees. What I am stating is that Schroder again violated his stated procedure for making appointments. There is no question that there are a number of people who are qualified and willing to serve. When he made appointments last year he stated there were far too many people applying than there were positions and that he wanted to see new people serve.

Schroder does not do what he says he will do. He said he would not run for mayor again, now he is going to, even though he has served longer than any commissioner.

The nail has been hit squarely on the head. Schroder has repeatedly shown that he cannot be trusted. How many times would one trust a stockbroker, lawyer or insurance agent who has shown a lack of honesty? How many times are we going to trust this man?

– My Distrust Is So Strong I Fear To Give My Name

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  1. I really wish we would get a new mayor to Martinez. Schroeder needs to retire.

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