Martinez Measure X – Quality of Life & Essential Services

On July 23, 2018, the Martinez City Council unanimously placed Measure X – a local half-cent sales tax measure – on the November 6, 2018 ballot. If approved by voters, Measure X provides local funds for Martinez’s quality of life and essential services, including 911 response times and public safety, maintaining open space and recreational programs and addressing homelessness.

Over the years, Martinez residents have prided themselves on their self-reliance and keeping their taxpayer dollars local. A reliable source of locally-controlled revenue that can’t be taken by the State is needed to maintain core public safety services including: maintaining 911 emergency response times, recruiting and retaining experienced police officers, funding property and violent crime investigations and prevention, and addressing crime related to drugs and alcohol.

Funding to maintain Martinez’s Neighborhood Policing Program will allow the City to continue to provide an adequate number of patrols assigned to each neighborhood area –ensuring police officers can respond quickly to 911 emergency calls.

If approved, Measure X funds would be used for other quality of life priorities identified by the community—such as protecting and maintaining important recreational spaces and natural areas as well as better maintaining our storm drains to keep pollution from flowing into Alhambra Creek and the Bay. The community’s other identified priorities include:

* Maintaining 911 response times.
* Preventing and investigating violent crimes.
* Providing safe routes to school.
* Maintaining youth and recreation programs.
* Maintaining Martinez’s Senior Center and programs.
* Maintaining storm drains and pollution prevention.
* Addressing homelessness.

Measure X includes strict accountability provisions, such as independent citizens oversight of spending, public spending reports, annual independent financial audits. And, all funds must be used only in Martinez. Measure X funds are protected by law from the state. No funds can be taken by Sacramento.

Measure X Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
City Council Resolution Placing Measure X on the ballot

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