New Depression treatment introduced by Bay Area businessman


According to the latest statistics, there are more than 16 million individuals in the United States who have experienced clinical depression in the past year. They make up around 6.7 percent of the country’s total population, and this number is alarming. Experts are saying that this number might increase in the years to come as more people are falling victim to the depression epidemic. Scientists have been searching for methods on how to treat depression and one of the most frequent advices to those who are going under a major depression episode is to seek help from their friends and families, because what they need is someone who they can speak with regarding their problems.

Being under the state of clinical depression is now considered as a mental illness. It inhibits someone’s ability to think clearly, and their daily routines are changed because of the negative feeling. Other people are taking their own lives, which is the worst thing that could happen to someone who is having a depressive episode. There is an increase in the number of suicides in the United States, and everyone can fall victim to it. News about famous celebrities killing themselves has been shocking the world for years, and the frequency of this event happening today rises. The government has been exerting a lot of effort to help the people who are depressed, and they have been asking the scientists across the country to develop a more effective treatment for people who are going under the state of depression.

In the Bay Area, a businessman named Ara Chackerian managed to create a company that offers an innovative therapy that would allow people with depressive episodes to be treated. The company, called the TMS Health Solutions, has been operating for years, and its founder revealed that the reason he opened up a medical firm is because he wanted to help a lot of people who are going under depressive episodes. He claimed that the innovative therapy offered at his medical firm will allow someone to recover from their depressive state.

The medical firm uses the transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is a process involving the use of electromagnetic signals to stimulate the brain. The brain that is being fed with electromagnetic signals will start to react and the depressive thoughts will be eliminated from the brain. Those who have already tried the transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment is saying that it is effective in changing the way they feel, and they even referred the company to their friends and family members. The TMS Health Solutions is also helping people who are having psychological and mental issues, and it has been showing positive effects.

Chackerian stated that the treatment offered at his medical firm has a lot of potential. He knew that this will be the next big thing in the field of medicine, and he believes that the doctors from the future will be using the transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat a wide range of psychological and mental illnesses.

Today, people who are experiencing major depression episodes are trying to reach out to Chackerian, hoping that their disorder will be treated. After a series of information drives about the potential of the transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat a lot of people who are having psychological and mental issues, thousands of individuals have expressed their interest in visiting the medical firm founded by Chackerian. The business that he established is slowly becoming known across the country, and he believes that his business will also be known around the world, accepting patients fro overseas and introducing humanity to the advantages of the transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment.

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