Roam Artisan Burgers debuts at City Center in San Ramon

One of the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier sustainable burger destinations, Roam Artisan Burgers, just opened its sixth location at City Center Bishop Ranch in the Tri-Valley region serving the greater East Bay cities of San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, and Dublin / Pleasanton. 

Roam, a fine-casual dining destination, is the latest premium brand to open at the new $300 million retail center designed by world-renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, whose work is also prominently featured at  the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. With its rapid expansion throughout San Francisco, Uptown Oakland, Lafayette, San Mateo, and San Ramon, Roam instills its “pasture to plate” methodology providing Bay Area communities with both delicious and healthy options readily available at their fingertips.

A globally-inspired approach applied to the quintessentially American burger culture has set Roam Artisan Burgers apart. Roam is on a trailblazing path, sourcing excellent quality ingredients from top local purveyors and applying eco-conscious business practices throughout its restaurants. Roam serves as a vehicle for meaningful change for owners Josh Spiegelman and Lynn Gorfinkle, a pair of savvy entrepreneurs determined to have a positive impact on the Earth.

Both outdoor enthusiasts, Spiegelman and Gorfinkle advocate for the highest environmental standards to serve as the pillars of Roam. Their 100% grass-fed beef and nutrient-rich proteins (beef, bison, turkey, elk, lamb) are procured from ranchers and farmers dedicated to traditional methods of agriculture, exclusively serving proteins humanely raised on open pastures.

“Roam’s mission is to enhance people’s lives through better eating by serving delicious food that is made with nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients,” said Spiegelman. Gorfinkle added “We’re thrilled to support and promote local farmers, ranchers and artisans that positively contribute to the health of the planet.” 

Established in 2010, Roam has flipped the burger business on its head with an innovative sustainability-focused model where more than 80% of its materials are compostable. Their state-of-the-art recycling and composting programs divert waste from landfills with food scraps and packaging composted and converted into fertilizer, which is used to grow more food. Roam’s expeller pressed high-oleic sunflower oil used for cooking fries helps fuel San Francisco’s hybrid Muni buses. 

Roam’s menu, approachable for diners of any type (carnivores, omnivores, vegan, gluten-free), features a selection of patties and craveable burger styles from which to choose. Popular styles include the Tejano (Pepper Jack, Jalapeño Relish, Avocado, Tomato, White Corn Strips, Herb Ranch), Sunny Side (Organic Free-Range Egg, Fontina, Caramelized Onions, Greens, Tomato, Chili Sauce), and French and Fries (Truffle Parmesan Fries, Gruyère, Avocado, Caramelized Onions, Watercress, Piquant Sauce, Whole Grain Mustard).

In addition to the pasture-raised meat options listed above, guests can also opt for Roam’s critically acclaimed house-made Veggie Burger, which is organic, gluten free and vegan. Roam’s artisan burger buns are custom made by Pacific Coast Baking Company.

Salads and Seasonal Veggies at Roam are made with the freshest California produce. Fries choices are second to none with Russet Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, and the Zucchini Onion Haystack. Enjoy all three in the form of “The Fry-Fecta,” and top with a custom seasoning (Seasonal: Tandoori with Yogurt Mint Dipping Sauce; Chipotle Maple; Truffle Parmesan made with real Parmigiano-Reggiano and Black Truffle Salt). 

Sodas are crafted in-house with fruit that is harvested at its peak of ripeness and are lightly sweetened with low-glycemic agave nectar (unique soda flavors include Prickly Pear, Caramelized Pineapple, Meyer Lemon, and more). Shakes are made with organic dairy from pasture-raised cows at Straus Family Creamery. Fan favorites include the Salted Caramel shake topped with a brûléed marshmallow. Kombucha is locally produced, raw, organic and served on tap. Menu items contain no corn syrup, no hormones, no antibiotics and no added trans-fats. All locations have energy-efficient appliances, power-conscious LED lighting, and are constructed using reclaimed wood.

A perfect choice for families, date nights, work lunches/dinners, and/or an outing for a casual meal, Roam Artisan Burgers are inclusive restaurants where all are welcome. Intentionally located in neighborhoods with a variety of fitness studios (yoga, gyms, Pilates) and great accessibility to outdoor activities (hiking, biking, surfing), Roam is also a great post-workout gathering spot. All six locations provide a warm environment with open seating, outdoor patio dining and a communal table, as well as a bar serving exceptional local craft beers and wine-on-tap.

Coinciding with the opening at City Center Bishop Ranch, Roam also will feature two new menu items, a Lamb Burger and a Blood Orange Seasonal White Wine Spritz.

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