Bad Suns return to Sacto with sold out show at the Ace of Spades


After a five year drought from Northern California, the Bad Suns brought the rain to Sacramento Wednesday night with a sold out show at the Ace of Spades. The indie-rock band hails from Southern California but proved their following is strong on the second night of their “Away We Go Tour”.

The sold out show had concert goers waiting for well over an hour after the doors opened to gain entrance to the venue. The band hadn’t played in Sacramento in five years.

The band formed in 2012, and their style is consistently “hook-heavy rock” according to Song Kick. Comprised of vocalist Christo Bowman, drummer/percussionist Miles Morris, bassist Gavin Bennett and guitarist Ray Libby, the band is well known for their song “Cardiac Arrest” off of their “Language & Perspective” album which brought them into the spotlight as it gained traction on the radio.

Bad Suns opened their set with “Away We Go,” which is also the title of their tour. The single was released in November 2018 when the band signed to Epitaph Records, the first to come off “Mystic Truth,” the new album that the band is releasing on March 22nd. It will be the bands first full length album since “Disappear Here” in 2016.

Their hour long set included around 20 songs from their catalog over the years including “Language & Perspective,” “Disappear Here” and “Mystic Truth”.

The show was not only audibly stunning with the music matching their recorded songs, but the lights the band used emphasized all the right things, making it visually pleasing as well. 

Every song had the crowd more pumped. Bowman encouraged jumping and waving lighters/smartphones at certain points in the set while also making a few treks into the crowd letting them be his stage, and this made the audience go nuts.

The set seemed to end with “Heartbreaker” off their 2016 album as the band walked off the stage, but they returned for an encore by playing “Rearview” and ended the night with “Salt” off their 2014 release “Language & Perspective.”

All four members were wearing similar, if not the same outfits as their album art on “Mystic Truth” depicts them. Bowman wore the same jacket seen in the album cover, and both Bennett and Libby wore black blazers. Morris was the only one contrasting the album cover, wearing a white shirt instead. 

Bad Suns has released three out of the ten songs from their new album: “Away We Go,” “One Magic Moment” and “Hold Your Fire.” “Mystic Truth” can be ordered prior to March 22 on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon, and can be streamed on the release date and after on Apple Music and Spotify.

The band returns to the Northern California music scene for a show May 9th at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Tickets are available at .

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