Worst auto service in the Bay Area ? Easy: Nissan of Burlingame

Ever experienced what you felt was the worst customer service experience of your life when it came to getting your automobile worked on ?

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with Nissan of Burlingame, you’re not remotely alone with your ire, as we’ve reviewed an alarming amount of complaints alleging incompetence, and even worst, indifference to what seems to be a systemic problem all the way from the top of management on down to their phone operators.

The following complaints have been registered:

“This service center absolutely sucks. Their service manager is unresponsive and does not keep his word. Terrible customer service, they’ll damage your car, charge you for service they don’t perform, and overall waste your time and money. Thanks to this “dealership” I will now be selling my Nissan and buying something else.” (Henry)

“I’ve never had to deal with complete incompetence from top to bottom like at Nissan of Burlingame. They suck, they know it, and they could care less about fixing their problem or acknowledging any mistakes on their part. I took my vehicle in after needing two jumps within a week and they said nothing was wrong with my battery. Two weeks later it went down again on a Friday night and I ended up needing four jumps in a 46 hour period because they’re closed on the weekend and I didn’t feel like going out of pocket for a new battery on a car with less than 15,000 miles. Kevin in service is an absolute idiot, and their phone receptionists suck and won’t even transfer you without trying to play god. After a hellish weekend I took my car to another dealership and they immediately replaced my battery. They also informed me that there had been a software update for a known issue with the radio and charging system that contributed to my problem released over two months earlier, but these idiots were completely clueless about it. Their service manager Michael Kim is an absolute incompetent Piece of Shit. Don’t make the mistake of wasting your time or supporting these clowns in any way ! (Daniel)

“I came here a while ago because of an airbag recall. I brought in my Nissan and supposedly everything was fixed. I leave and the airbag light starts blinking. I come back and am told that I would have to spend a couple hundred dollars in order for someone to take a look to see what the problem is. Extremely disappointed in the service as this recall was supposed to be free and resolved.” (Jan)

“Recently purchased a used Murano and my only issue was that the plates on the car had expired tags. RAJ in finance, who RUSHED through the entire signing process without explaining anything that we were signing because he wanted to get home ASAP, REFUSED to give us temporary paper plates and ensured that the CHP and city police wouldn’t pull us over for expired tags. To this date I still haven’t received my license plates from the DMV and I’ve been pulled over and late for work 8 times!!!” (Cristine)

“Initially the direct number for the parts department answered but a drunk sounding guy connected me to a voice mail without saying where he was connecting me to. Then the two main numbers they have listed didn’t answer. Eventually one of them answered and connected me to the right department and that department connected me to a voice mail without answering. Service quality was just like their lousy, cheap and unreliable cars. (Najafi)

“Two weeks ago I brought my Murano in for repair. Wasn’t running right, no power, engine pinging. So they call me and tell me my CVT transmission is out, will cost $5,000. I have them put a new one in and four days later I can’t even drive up a hill. The exact same problem I had before starts up…I have another mechanic friend look at it and he can tell right away it’s my air intake system. So I drove around for a week with my car running to rich fuel wise. This in turn melts my catalytic converter, so I now I have a new transmission in a car that only needed a $350 repair. I’m in the hole $5,000 + $2,500 to replace the catalytic converter. Service department didn’t assume any fault in this. Can’t recommend the repair part of this dealership.” (Dave)

“Don’t come here ! They will tell you your car needs all kinds of things fixed. Not the truth. Went to another shop and nothing was wrong when Nissan of Burlingame wanted me to spend $ 1000. Find another place ! (Carol Lynn)

“Do not go to this dealership ! They have horrible customer service when it comes to their service department. They don’t want to tell you that you have a warranty on your vehicle, and they tell you that things aren’t covered under your warranty when they are. They’re pulling your leg and trying to get their customers to pay out of pocket. Their service department is clueless and want you to change things that don’t need to be fixed. They don’t return your phone calls because they know they’re wrong. Stop stealing customers money and time ! Your customer service needs a lot of work. (Josie)

“It’s about money and how much they can rip you off for ! Their service advisor was a young man with a rude sense of humor. Be very careful coming to this particular dealership ! I want you all to be aware of them ! Be aware of this service department and dealership. I’m sure you can find a better place to buy your vehicles and get your vehicles serviced. (Sam)

“I had gone in for an oil change and tire rotation, just a week after that my car started showing warnings that the oil and tires require maintenance. This is the second time this has happened, not sure if they forget to reset the meters or they don’t do any oil change for the car. When I called to complain, the customer representative Pauline was very rude and refused to accept they might have made a mistake. Avoid Nissan Burlingame !”(Rajath)

“I took my car to another shop to have it looked over. Turns out I didn’t need any work done at all. Nissan of Burlingame lied about my vehicle needs. If you want to be ripped off come here. I will never be stepping foot here again.” (E Jr.)

“Avoid this place. Total rip-off. $200 for a diagnostic test, the highest in the Bay Area. Avoid the service department ! My car had a major transmission issue. He recommended that I don’t fix the car, instead buy a new car. He also starting yelling at me that I did not do proper maintenance on my car. What an unprofessional service manager. If you want to save $$$, please go to another Nissan dealer in the area.” (Hadman)

“I asked to speak to a supervisor, the same guy I left a message for three times with no response. If they communicated better and provided accurate information to their customers there wouldn’t be a problem which is why I can’t believe I have to even give 1 star for these guys. Please take your business elsewhere, I would not trust anyone with lack of communication and someone that calls their customers cheap for paying $175 for a checkup. Go elsewhere, they won’t bullshit you like these guys.” (Moe)

“Absolute joke — the lady who answers the phone is very rude and couldn’t care less about her job. Find a new way to treat customers before you start losing business.” (Jay)

“We customers need honest people to do the work on our cars.” (Lupe)

“Their customer service is terrible ! They’re misleading and a bunch of crooks. Do not service your vehicle here.” (Joel)

With all the choices out there for where to take your vehicle for service or repairs in the Bay Area, the one thing that seems clear is to avoid this one.

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  1. I went there once last spring, just before Covid hit. They were awful and I swore on the spot that I’d never return, but I had no idea they were this bad.

  2. What I’d like to recommend to all of you is to reach out to the Department of Consumer Affairs in your county and file complaints with them. They should step in and put a lot of pressure on this Auto Dealership. You can even ask them if you can get a refund. Be sure to submit a copy of your auto maintenance record that you feel you were ripped off on.

  3. My husband and I have lived in Burlingame for over 20 years and it’s no secret that this place has had a reputation for having lousy ownership and bad management for a long time. We have friends locally that go to the Nissan dealership in Colma instead. It’s 15 minutes away but they’ve always seemed quite happy with the service they get there.

  4. I agree with David, everyone that’s been wronged by them should report them to the Better Business Bureau to document it and make their life miserable until they straighten out. They sound pathetic. I certainly would never patronize them.

  5. That’s awful ! I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, not that I have any enemies:}}

  6. That’s some pitiful sh#t on Nissan’s part. They should start a petition to shut them down and put them out of business. At the very least force out the current owner and then fire the entire management team.

  7. How embarrassing, corporate should step in and put them out of their misery, or at least take them out into the alley…

    My husband and I have both owned KIA‘s for the better part of the past 20 years now. They might not be Bentley’s, but we’ve both had nothing but quality customer service from them the whole time.

  8. I thought it was just us, but after seeing this I sure wish I had made more of an issue after my daughter complained about the way she was treated there last summer.

  9. Why are these clowns still in business ?

    You would think that corporate would’ve stepped in long ago and forced a change in management/ownership if they had a shred of decency or cared about their reputation.

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