Guy Cooper on politics & Pine Meadow

Good synopsis of the Pine Meadow issue to date by “Name on File” in the January 29 Voice section of the Tribune.

I might just add that three of the four non-respondents to the cited public records request are the very ones I identified a year ago as substantially benefiting from campaign funds provided by DeNova Homes, its various shells and shills. (Also a matter of public record.)

As such, the aforementioned letter dovetails nicely with the one by Peter Dragovich, “Political system has ‘no conscience, no shame,’” from the same Tribune issue. It’s well known moneyed interests drive political agendas nowadays, whether on the national or local level. Yes, it’s all legal, but then who establishes the legal framework? At least the mayor of Concord thought it ethically (and politically) prudent to return campaign funds proffered by developers hoping for special consideration of their development proposals.

Not incidentally, it appears that one of our ethically challenged City Council members, AnaMarie Avila Farias, has now filed to run for County Supervisor. Great. Let’s give her more local power and influence. I’d keep a close eye on those campaign funds, if I were you.

– Guy Cooper, Martinez

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