Grinch responds to Rishell’s letter

Dear Mr. Rishell,

Thank you for illustrating my point so beautifully (see the March 4-10, 2016 edition). All that yapping about bees buzzing, feasting off organically grown fruit in the garden … going “paleo.” Your letter reminded me of the old radio broadcasts, full of metaphors and sound effects. Only thing is, they were entertaining.

Yes, I may be grumpy. Yes, I may be used to the old “gluten-packed, nitrate rich bologna and American cheese sandwich,” as you put it. But the difference is, in my day, instead of talking about something for years on end, when we had an idea, we carried it out. We turned it into reality. We didn’t sit on our a—- yapping about it. We made a plan and went to work. And if we found we couldn’t achieve our goal, or if our goal was under the control of another entity, or truly belonged to another individual or group, we shut up about it and kept to ourselves, going on to another project, another day of work.

As I see it, all this talking of what “needs to be done with Martinez” is just that – talk. I’ll use one of those metaphors you seem to be so fond of: All these “yappers” are ready to stir the pot, but nobody’s willing to grow and harvest the ingredients, or to gather the wood to heat the pot, or to do the washing and chopping and mixing of ingredients. They just want to stir, stir, stir.

Well, sir, I’m sick of hearing about all the stirring but never seeing anybody make some da–ed soup! And frankly, if I wanted to make some soup, I’d make my own!

What I didn’t mention in my last letter but I’m reminded of now, is another problem in this town. It has a lot to do with the yapping. It is this – when something isn’t yours, don’t try to fix it, mess with it or take it over.

There’s something most used to respect once upon a time, and that’s property – either real or intellectual. Everybody has ideas about what should go in this building or that building, or on this piece of land or that piece of land, but what they forget about is the actual owners of the buildings and the land. “You should have THIS in your shop,” I heard someone say the other day. Well, you know what, if I wanted to do that, I’d already be doing it, and if you don’t like it, YOU go and get your own da–ed shop! So many in this town, particularly the yappers, are rife to jump on somebody’s else’s bandwagon, and either try to change or flat-out steal others’ ideas. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about the gangs and groups that have formed here in Martinez, trying to push and influence other people, sometimes to the point of ruining people’s lives.

Mr. Rishell, don’t think I’m not interested in change, or having Martinez once again be the great and busy place it once used to be. I’d very much like to see that happen, and I envy the young and energetic that have the time, resources and energy I now lack. But what I don’t like are the pot-stirrers, the thieves, the bullies. So many of the “yappers” I speak about are all of these things. Those kinds of people are the kinds of people we all, as a community, need to rally AGAINST, not with.

If you have the energy, funds and time to make something great in the city, please, like I once could, go forth and do it. Don’t waste such precious gifts and precious youth on empty talk and empty plans. I hope you are successful in creating real “buzz,” something we can all touch, enjoy and experience. But if all you want to do is talk about it, could you please quiet down a little and let us enjoy our coffee and dining in peace, possibly by gathering at your own homes or businesses?


The Grinch

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