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Possible beaver spotted in Alhambra Creek

UPDATE: Two beavers were filmed by Moses Silva the evening of May 4, 2016.

MARTINEZ, Calif. – According to local beaver advocacy group “Worth A Dam,” a possible beaver spotting in Alhambra Creek took place Monday, May 2.

The group’s founder, Heidi Perryman, said beaver enthusiast Moses Silva reached for his camera after he spotted what was believed to be a beaver swimming in the creek, but the creature quickly slipped from view.

“I’m too emotionally beaver-scarred to be excited by this, but against my better judgment, I’m very hopeful,” Perryman wrote on the group’s website, www.martinezbeavers.org.

Monday’s sighting would mark the first known time beavers have been spotted in the creek since 2015, when several beaver kits were found deceased from unknown causes. One kit was found in a sickly condition and underwent treatment at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum hospital, but was too ill to recover and was ultimately euthanized.

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