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Livermore & Pine Meadow

Dear Editor,

The goal of Friends of Pine Meadow is to convince the Mayor and City Council to protect our open space and park land, and stop turning it into housing. And work to buy Pine Meadow – Permanent Open Space/Recreation since 1973 – for public use forever.

Livermore succeeded already. The Livermore City Council is moving ahead with plans to convert the now-defunct 90-acre Springtown Golf Course into open space/recreation according to recent City Council actions. The 90-acre site may be converted to a temporary open space while the community decides what to do with the land.

The good news for us is that the Livermore figures for conversion and maintenance indicate that those costs for Pine Meadow would NOT break our City budget, and would potentially be a lot lower than the figures some have been saying.

Livermore’s estimated costs for their 90-acre site for up front transformation and yearly maintenance are:

• $45-75,000/year for maintenance, to include mowing, irrigation and path maintenance, and possibly maintaining benches, drinking fountains and trash cans.

• $250,000 upfront  costs to do simple transformation of the course using city employees to do the work, including removing a maintenance building, installing drip irrigation for existing trees, and removing some of the golf features, like sand traps.

For Pine Meadow, these costs may be less because it is a lot smaller, only 26 acres. Certainly an actual study of these costs for Pine Meadow would have to be done to get exact figures.

Livermore is lucky in that the City already owns the land, and we must buy the Pine Meadow Permanent Open Space/Recreation site from the owners, but the Livermore estimates indicate costs for Pine Meadow maintenance and conversion would not be the huge sums that some have suggested.

We hope our mayor and City Councilmembers listen to Livermore … and to all of us.

Congratulations to Livermore!

– Tim Platt and Mark Thomson for Friends of Pine Meadow

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