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Martinez City Council candidates turn in financial statements

MARTINEZ, Calif. – Financial statements listing campaign contributions and expenditures for Martinez City Council candidates were turned in late last month and recently made available to the public. The statements show hairdresser and local businesswoman Noralea Gipner far in the lead for campaign contributions, with fellow candidates John Stevens, Courtney Masella-O’Brien and incumbent Mark Ross trailing behind by tens of thousands of dollars.

Each candidate is required to return California Form 460 to the City of Martinez, detailing every gift, monetary donation and campaign expense. The first filing was due Sept. 29 and covers the period from July 1, 2016, to Sept 24, 2016.

Here’s a look at campaign contributions for each candidate, cumulatively to date:

Gipner received a total of $45,125 in campaign contributions. Donors include: Claudia Whitnah ($150), Bill Schilz ($250), Kathy Chamberlin ($25), Noralea’s Studio ($836), Absolute Air Inc. ($400), James Allen ($75), Dorothy Buffington ($100), Harriett Burt ($275), Cassandra Campbell ($400), Kris (MK) Carolock ($150), Suzanne Chapot ($150), Guy Cooper ($150), Paul Craig ($180), Lara DeLaney ($325), Charles Escover ($100), Tim Farley ($100), Tamara Gerlach ($230), Gay Gerlach ($700), Federal Glover ($200), Victoria Hobbs ($600), Bull’s Eye Drilling-Anne and Bill Mobley ($325), Donald Pallotta ($50), Kathleen Parker ($175), Timothy Platt ($75), Richard Rasmussen ($321), June Rogers ($430), Marilyn Thelen ($190), Gwenda Webster ($630), Kathleen Yates ($150), Gina Zagotta ($175), Patricia Corr ($75), LaVerne Denton ($25), Cynthia (Thomas) Peters ($100), Carol Castro ($100), Lifestyle Research Company ($100), Korie Turiello ($30), Kenneth Dothee ($250), Mary Clare Walsh ($50), Sandra Hall ($249), Suzanne Rudiger ($20), Barbara Turcios ($50), Patricia Telfer-Hector ($100), Roxene Leal ($100), Shoni Lekse ($50), Telfer Oil Company ($250), Wilma Telfer ($250); Amark, Inc. ($200); Lippow Development Company ($200), Dylan Radke ($150), Rebecca Mellott ($50), Peter Jones ($100), Cynthia Erickson ($90), Brenda Alvarado ($100), Bruce Chamberlin ($40), Linda Huffman ($35), Dennis Horack ($50), Janet Archibald ($50), Robert (Bob) Braun ($20), Kathy Braun ($20), Dan Corr ($25), Sarah Corr ($25), Elizabeth Corr Olson ($40), Barry (Evelyn) Cunningham ($20), Kathy Petricca ($5), Douglas Burgess ($175), Ralph Sattler ($40), Marty (Mary) Hoyer ($10), Vicki Anselmo ($20), Thomas Jordan ($100), Phil Raines ($200), William Wainwright ($180), Paul Mariano ($700), Donna Allen ($285), Barbara Chambers ($140), Carolyn Hill ($40), David T. Silva ($340), Claire Hayhurst ($180), Marta Van Loan ($350), Holly Parker ($50), Karin Spindler ($160), Brittany Chamberlin ($40), Rainbow Floor Covering ($120), Linda Martini ($120), Lisa Morrell ($140), Lita Gloor-Little ($45), Redmond O’Connell ($20), Gary Chan ($20), Roxanne Cole ($20), Odessa Caton ($20), Matthew Murphy ($20), Robert (Bob) Hanson ($20), Patti Hanson ($20), Larry Hanson ($20), Cynthia Shelby ($110), Lesley Stiles ($270), Pete Sabine ($20), Lynda Kilday ($55), Marian Aldridge ($20), Sharon Riccobono ($50), Teddi Alexander ($20), Dean McLeod ($40), Barbara McCullough ($20), Kim Poyadue ($125), John Remenarich ($20), Babette Hopkins ($120), Cindy Muth ($20), Kenneth Robb ($20), MJ Robb ($25), Beth Churchill-Raines ($40), Sheryl Justice ($20), Paul Murry ($20), Valarie Spessard ($20), Ron Swenson ($20), Olivia Martini ($20), Andrea Hector ($20), Dianna Martini ($20), Mark Hughes ($20), Cha Cha Hughes ($20), Betsy Sweaza ($20), Ellen Anderson ($125), Bianca Olson ($20), Irene Bergamini ($20), Bruce Dye ($20), Zandra Balderama ($20), Michael Anseimo ($20), Kathy Anselmo ($20), Tom Coleman ($20), Terri Coleman ($35), Alistair Kettlewell ($20), Susan Kettlewell ($210), Scott Curtis ($20), Mary Hatch ($245), Keith Tate ($20), Wendy Koerber ($20), Barbara Hannafan ($20), Michael Thomas $220), Terri Stormer ($100), Susan Waterman ($25), Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 District 20 Pac ($500), Susan Stewart ($100), Dolores Wix ($200), Martha Hummel ($25), Nancy Jordan ($100), Richard Duncan ($250), Ann Cochrane ($200), Sally Figueiredo ($50), John Funk ($100), Barbara Crowell, Inc. ($225), Jerry Kramer ($50), Melissa Mussano ($50), Rosemary Garrick ($100), Robert Trebino ($100), Bisio and Dunivan ($300), Bryan Berthiaume ($100), 1000 Friends of Martinez ($2,500), Suzanne Hatch Schroder ($100), Carol Hatch ($200), and Margaret Carter ($200).

A loan in the amount of $830 came from Gipner herself.

Non-monetary contributions received include a calalily necklace from Eloise Cotton (valued at $160), pedicures from Oliva Thompson (valued at $180), portrait sessions from Franci Lucero (valued at $1,155), Natural Healings product baskets from Natural Healings (valued at $170), painting by Susan Kettlewell (valued at $120), food by Susan Kettlewell (valued at $20), a glass heart from Carol Rose (valued at $45), several jewelry items from Marion Vaeth (valued at $275), necklaces, earrings, wine and cookies from Nancy Peacock (valued at $374), a quilted wall hanging, quilt, salad and flowers from Gipner (valued at $60, $75 and $25), gift certificates from White Rabbit Boutique-Anne Mobley (valued at $30), a purse with hair products and gift certificate from Youphoria-Kelly Duarte Sumrall (valued at $205), use of Gay Gerlach’s house (valued at $500), bbq meals from Jim Tompkins (valued at $492), wine at fundraising auction by June Rogers (valued at $280), postage stamps and food by Stacey Carver (valued at $47 and $12), tote bag filled with MAC supplies and five classes at MAC by Martinez Athletic Club (valued at $150 and $100); wine, cookies and flyers from Richard Rasmussen (valued at $106), a wine basket by Dave Silva (valued at $100), a bowl cozy and wall hanging from I’ve Been Framed-Cathy Riggs (valued at $110); mason jars, cookbook, wine, wine coaster and wine journal from Kim Poyadue (valued at $105), dessert set and bundt cakes by Korie Fagen (valued at $138), a wine basket from Bray’s Vineyard (valued at $75), a Giant’s tote from Cindy Shelby (valued at $45); a Parents Night Out, Dance Tuition and Friday Fun Night from Encore Gym (valued at $246), yardwork from K&J Landscape Care (valued at $50), a candy basket from Main Street Sweets (valued at $50), A Doterra giftbasket from Tamara Gerlach (valued at $90), food from Beth Churchill-Raines (valued at $20), a quilt and food from Cindy Tilton (valued at $660), food from Claire Hayhurst (valued at $20), food from Donna Allen (valued at $45), See’s Candy gift certificate from Joyce Cid (valued at $15), food from Lesley Stiles (valued at $250), food from Leslie Walsh (valued at $10), wine from Linda Kilday (valued at $25); tickets for Home Tour, Lemon Grass certificate and wine and food from Marlene Haws (valued at $115), a garden basket from Mary Hatch (valued at $125), food from Michelle Hall (valued at $30), food from Penny Fagen (valued at $12), use of Armando’s from Roy Jeans (valued at $400), and music from The Floor Dogs (valued at $500).

Gipner’s campaign expenditures thus far include $10,143 in consultant fees and services, $4,803 for campaign sign, and other expenses for walk cards, printing, advertising, photography, office items and a mail piece.

Gipner had many miscellaneous increases to her cash, which were proceeds from the sale of auction items.

John Stevens, a Chief Operating Officer of a non-profit, has received a total of $31,739.64 in contributions, but that total includes a loan of $22,000 by Stevens to his own campaign. Donors as of the Sept. 29 filing date include: Kevin Greeley ($100), John Lill ($100), Stephen Fretz ($200), Michael McKay ($25), Annelyse Klapperich ($100), Dan Griffin ($40), Marty Bender ($25), Gary Hernandez ($200), Steve Bonham ($50), Anthony Cerbone ($100), Laura Lawrence ($50), Dorothy Buffington ($50), Richard Duncan ($100), David Lee ($50), Tony Angelo ($25), LG Galleries ($100), Elizabeth Bloom ($25), James Cunniff ($200), Thomas Vandewater ($100), Anthony Rishell ($250), Scott Busby ($1,600), Jerry Miller ($50), Mark Linnett ($256.70), Robert Poirier ($25), James Paulsen ($300), Larry Lippow ($800), Joseph Palmer ($40), Bambi Barker ($100), Rachel Unpingco ($200), William Schilz ($600).

Non-monetary contributions of food/beverage (valued at $215) were made to Stevens by Rachel Unpingco. Food was also provided to Stevens’ campaign by Marty Ochoa, valued at $30.

Stevens’ largest expenditures were for campaign signs.

Attorney Courtney Masella-O’Brien comes in third for campaign contributions, receiving $6,435 in donations. Donors include: Anthony Bettencourt ($100), Build Jobs PAC ($500), Michael Farrow ($100), Remy Goldsmith ($100), James Herrity ($250), Gus Kramer ($500), Erin Masella ($100), Brian McDonald ($250), Lisa Nevares ($100), Courtney Nicholas ($300), Bill Schilz ($500), Scott Busby Construction ($1,600), William Shrader ($250), Scott Tester ($250), Nadine Verrilli ($100), Lisa Winn ($100), and Doreen Yerkes ($100).

Masella-O’Brien’s expenditures were for office supplies, filing fees, campaign literature and mailings, and professional services (legal, accounting).

Incumbent City Councilman and Realtor Mark Ross trails with a total of $8,700, including a loan of $7,500 Ross made to his campaign. Donors include: Operating Engineers Local 3 ($1,000), and Colin Coffey ($200).

Aside from a filing fee and small bank fee, the bulk of monies from the Ross campaign have gone toward mailers and signs.

The next filing date for campaign donations and expenditures is Oct. 27.

Click on the candidate name to see their complete California Form 460 in pdf format:

John Stevens Form 460

Mark Ross Form 460

 Noralea Gipner Form 460

Courtney Masella-O’Brien Form 460 (Forthcoming – unavailable due to technical difficulties)

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