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Contra Costa District Attorneys Association calls mailers ‘downright misleading to voters’

Allied Waste, an out of state Wall Street landfill operator that operates Keller Canyon Landfill, has reported spending $103,000 on a campaign to oust Supervisor Federal Glover in the District 5 Supervisor race. Last week, voters received in their mailboxes two mailers from Allied Waste that both incorrectly highlighted that the Contra Costa County District Attorneys’ Association, representing the area’s criminal prosecutors, had supported Glover’s opponent for election to the Board of Supervisors.

“Criminal prosecutors are highly recommending Supervisor Federal Glover for re-election because of his proven record on gang violence prevention and support for prosecuting violent criminals,” said Deputy District Attorney Aron DeFerrari, President of the DA’s Association. “Our area’s criminal prosecutors are disappointed in Allied Waste’s misleading mailers to voters and we ask them to immediately rectify this issue,” DeFerrari added.  “At first I thought Allied Waste made a mistake on one mailer, then in a matter of hours I saw it over and over again on different Allied Waste materials,” DeFerrari noted.

DeFerrari is requesting that a notice be sent out to all voters in District 5 setting the record straight and advertising the District Attorneys’ Association’s support for Glover. DeFerrari is also asking Allied Waste for damages for improperly using the official logo of the DA’s Association in their mailers as well as an apology.

“Our prosecutors are supporting Supervisor Federal Glover for his longtime support for arresting and prosecuting criminals and for his good work supporting victims of crime; why would a large Wall Street company like Allied Waste be spending over $100,000 to bankroll Supervisor Glover’s opponent’s campaign – that’s the question voters should be asking,” stated DeFerrari. DeFerrari added that Glover has been firm in requiring the landfill operator to follow environmental regulations that they have been ignoring for 20 years, which is likely the reason the company wants to defeat him.

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  1. Deputy District Attorney Aron DeFerrari,

    Let’s talk about Mr. Glover giving a “Get out of jail free card” to a dangerous repeat criminal from Pittsburg who went on a violent crime spree across Martinez. He was arrested and held on $740,000 bail. With his previous convictions, the Defendant was judged to be a danger to society that cops and prosecutors work hard to keep off the streets. But Supervisor Federal Glover of Contra Costa disagrees. Supervisor Glover gave the Defendant a “Get Out of Jail Free” card to play in court.

    Glover’s letter with the ink barely dry on the arrest report, using official letterhead from his County office, Supervisor Glover wrote a letter of support asking for leniency for the Defendant from the Prosecutors and Court. Federal Glover is the boss of the DA and Prosecutors. He approves their budgets and grants them raises. And the District Attorney Mark Peterson and the Prosecutor’s Association have both endorsed Mr. Glover for his re-election. This cozy circle of political back scratching may lead to a dangerous criminal put back on the streets to harm more civilians and put more cops in the line of fire.The Defendant’s lawyer and the County Prosecutor are negotiating plea deals at this time. The letter from Glover could help put a violent criminal back on the streets sooner than he deserves. The results of the plea dealings are scheduled for court on November 9th. Conveniently one day after the election.

    So please, explain to me how Federal Glover is such a strong law and order guy!

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