Measure D is only partial solution to road crisis

Our mayor has written numerous articles recently supporting Measure D (a half percent sales tax increase) to fund putting us “on the path” to road improvements and maintenance. What the mayor does not tell the residents of Martinez is that THERE IS NO LONG TERM PLAN to fix our road crisis. With the passage of this Measure Martinez will still have millions in funding shortages to restore our roads to a level that Martinez residents expect from our local government.

In one of his articles the mayor stated, “In order to just maintain our PCI level of 51, we would need to spend $17.6 million over five years.” With the passage of Measure D the city will only raise $15 million over the next five years for our roads. The mayor also stated: “The current deferred maintenance backlog is $36.6 million.”

My questions to the mayor are:

1) Why did you wait until our city roads are in a crisis condition to propose a “partial” solution? Our roads have been deteriorating for many years.

2) What is the mayor’s long term solution for restoring our roads to an acceptable condition?

– Mike Fleming

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