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Hop Talk: Morgan reviews Maui Waui & Cocoa Nut Stout

Special to the Tribune

Maui Waui IPA, 6.5 percent ABV, Altamont Brewing Company, Livermore, California
The pour isn’t very impressive, but that is OK because my interest quickly gets intercepted by the nose scent of tropical and rare Citrus flavors. The body is thin so it goes down like a tropical cocktail you had on vacation. The mouth feel and taste is really smooth and delicious. The finish really lets you know you’ve had a plethora of luscious rare hops. Very pleasantly hoppy, not bitter. It can be found on tap at the Hop Grenade in Concord.

Cocoa Nut Stout, 8 percent ABV, Fieldwork Brewing Company, Berkeley, California
This stout is a one-of-a-kind. It pours a deep, dark, black. The nose is full of roasted tropical coconut dipped in dark chocolate. The palate and whole mouth feels textures of coconut husks and cacao nibs. The finish is so luxurious your mouth feels like you just had a shot of Louie the XIII cognac. Toasty, oaky, cocoa coconut … a wonderful experience. It can be found on tap at Sunol Ridge in Walnut Creek.

Eli Morgan is a 43-year-old lifelong Martinez resident who has been actively beer hunting since 1992. In those days, you really had to get out of town in order to get a decent beer.

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  1. Wow! Never liked anything more exotic than Miller Light, but Eli Morgan’s writing makes me wanna try both!

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