District Attorney fined $45,000

Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson was found guilty on nine counts of violating the Political Reform Act. The Fair Political Practices Commission made the determination at their Jan. 19 meeting.

Peterson made $66,372.03 in personal expenditures using campaign funds between 2011 and 2015. After being notified by the Franchise Tax Board that his campaign committee was subject to an audit, Peterson contacted the FPPC through his attorney and confessed to the expenditures. According to the FPPC, he cooperated with its Enforcement Division and provided records regarding the expenditures and subsequent reimbursements.

The FPPC imposed $45,000 in fines, or $5,000 per count. However, Peterson had already voluntarily  paid the $45,000, with a stipulation to resolve all factual and legal issues raised by the matter.

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