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Platt, Thomson: ‘(We) believe this council decision is wrong’

Dear Editor,

The Martinez City Council voted 4-1 to rewrite history at their Jan. 18 meeting. Pine Meadow is no longer Open Space. It is now deemed residential. Never mind that our General Plan has listed it as Open Space for 43 years.

The Council disregarded the Staff determination that Pine Meadow has been Open Space since 1973. The Staff report carefully laid out the history and showed a clear case supporting that conclusion. (The map from the 1973 General Plan that clearly shows Pine Meadow as Open Space and the Staff Report are on our website – www.friendsofpinemeadow.org.)

Instead, the Council took the side of DeNova and Christine Dean. The Council decided that designating Pine Meadow as open space 43 years ago was an error – after seeing a 106-slide PowerPoint presentation that relied heavily on supposition, hearsay evidence and recollections of events of 40-plus years ago.

The Mayor said a Council vote had to be taken that night (it was after midnight before the vote was taken), so no Staff rebuttal to the 106 slides was possible. Nor was it possible for Councilmembers or the public to study or analyze the 106 slides or the other information presented. This was a true rush to judgment.

The Council also decided to disregard a State Supreme Court Ruling released in December that ruled against the revision of General Plan open space in an almost identical case. This act may have important implications for the City.

Rewriting history is a serious matter, and Friends of Pine Meadow believes this Council decision is wrong. Also, Councilmember Delaney voted against the resolution.

The next City Council meeting when the “Rewrite History” resolution will get its second reading at the City Council meeting on Feb. 1 at 7 p.m.

If you are concerned about the Council rewriting history or about Pine Meadow, join us there.

– Tim Platt and Mark Thomson for Friends of Pine Meadow

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