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‘The Lady Bulldogs’ basketball program is in very good hands’

Dear Editor:

My wife Pat and I have been attending Alhambra High School sporting events for over 40 years. We began attending to watch our children play for various Alhambra teams many years ago, and more recently we have been coming to games to watch our grandchildren participate.

Although we don’t have any family members playing Lady Bulldogs’ basketball, this past winter we attended many girls’ hoops games and became big fans of the players and coaches. We were especially impressed by the job the varsity coaches, Jason Bautista and Corinne Rezentes, did this year. That the varsity girls improved from a 3-18 record in 2015-16 to a 22-5 record in 2016-17 obviously speaks to the great job Coach Bautista and Coach Rezentes are doing. But we were also impressed by the dignity and class Coach Bautista and Coach Rezentes always displayed. That wasn’t always the case with other teams’ coaches. Furthermore, Coach Bautista was always very kind to Pat and I when he would see us at games, and we are very appreciative of that.

The Lady Bulldogs’ basketball program is in very good hands.


Byrdell Ortega

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