Natural Alternatives To Household Chemicals


You might be surprised what you can achieve with a few basic household products and hard work. Avoid toxic chemicals by using these natural alternatives.

Keeping your house clean is part of maintaining a happy and healthy home. When the chemicals you use to clean aren’t so healthy, however, you can defeat the purpose. Are respiratory problems and damage to plumbing worth it? Absolutely not. Fortunately, you have alternatives to these cleaners that are sometimes too potent for their own good—and your own. Consider some of these natural alternatives to household chemicals instead.

Baking Soda, Salt, and Water Instead of Oven Cleaner

Your oven is a central part of your kitchen, and as such, keeping it clean is vital. You don’t want any remnants or residue of toxic chemicals to linger after you clean it. Alongside bathroom cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles, oven cleaners are some of the most powerful household solvents on the market. Clean your oven with a thick, abrasive paste of baking soda and table salt. Give it a few minutes to set. Then, scrub hard. This solution will remove any baked-on blackening, and when you’re done your kitchen won’t smell like fumes.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Instead of Drain Cleaner

“Breaking up is hard to do,” goes the old song—but breaking up clogs in your toilet is easier than you thought. Highly caustic drain cleaners aren’t only dangerous to the people who use them, plumbers advise against these chemicals for several good reasons. Baking soda and vinegar provide a far gentler alternative to your pipes. They’re enough to open up troublesome clogs. If it’s not, skip over the heavier chemicals and go straight to the pros for careful repairs.

Borax and Sugar Instead of Ant Killer

Ants may be nature’s cleanup crew, but their services are not always welcome. You’re used to encountering ants when alfresco dining is on the table, but an indoor infestation is no picnic. Before you reach for toxic insecticides to send these ants marching to their doom, think in terms of safer household remedies instead. Mix sugar, water, and borax to create a mixture that’s attractive to ants but highly lethal—all while remaining safe to humans.

Cornstarch and Vinegar Instead of Glass Cleaner

A natural alternative to household chemicals that may not have crossed your mind involves harnessing the gently abrasive properties of corn starch. Its fine granules will help you get that sought-after streak-free shine without ammonia or harmful additives. (It’s also known as “alvin corn” as a portmanteau of its ingredients.) Mix a spoonful of starch with rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and water to obtain a safe and effective cleaning solution.

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