Reasons To Live a Healthy Lifestyle

BY KAYLA BEIRNE Whether you’re getting yourself into shape for the summer or just decided to start getting serious about your health, here’s why that’s an excellent idea. Who says it’s too late for resolutions? When it comes to improving your diet and exercise regimen, you needn’t start on the …

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How To Travel With Kids on a Road Trip

BY KAYLA BEIRNE The car is packed, the road lies ahead, and the kids are…bored already. How do you handle it ? Here’s how to travel with kids on a road trip. Whenever you travel with children, you’re adding an element of chaos and crankiness. Even if they’re excited about …

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How To Encourage Your Family To Spend Time Outside

BY KAYLA BEIRNE There are many different ways to encourage your household to spend some time in the great outdoors that will help bring your family closer together. As anybody with a family can tell you, getting the people in your household to spend time outdoors is challenging. There are …

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