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‘Fellow citizens, demand answers!’

Dear Editor,

We are writing because we just read the news from the State of the City report, and it would seem that a new tax is being contemplated for the purpose of maintaining our streets.

To be clear, we are not anti-tax in general, especially when a need is clearly identified and there is some real accountability to be had. When it comes to our streets, the need is undeniable, even embarrassing. Surrounding cities seem to do a much better job.

But we have serious questions about the funding that should have been allocated for this purpose going back 10 years or more. The money was there, but it’s evident it was not used for its intended purpose. Who should the public hold accountable for the “slip” in the conditions of our streets?

So, not only should the current conditions have been prevented, but we now must ask why has it taken until now for this issue to rise to a level of alarm to warrant a new tax? And this all begs the question: what would prevent any new “dedicated” funds from disappearing again?

This, like other questions regarding dedicated funds for particular projects, must be answered. Hey, we want our street paved, properly and soon … just like everyone else. But we will fight any effort to establish a new sales tax which will arguably hurt our retailers, unless a true and detailed accounting is made for past budgets, and future projects!

Fellow citizens, demand answers!

– Tom and Terri Coleman

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