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Enough of ‘how to create buzz downtown’

Dear Editor, I am so darned sick of hearing people talk about Martinez’s “potential,” and “if they only did that,” “if they only did this.” You can’t walk into any coffee shop, restaurant, boutique or bar in town without hearing someone flapping their gums about what would “fix” the city. ...

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Guy Cooper on politics & Pine Meadow

Good synopsis of the Pine Meadow issue to date by “Name on File” in the January 29 Voice section of the Tribune. I might just add that three of the four non-respondents to the cited public records request are the very ones I identified a year ago as substantially benefiting ...

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‘Chief honored the right folks’

Editor, Our new police chief certainly honored the right folks this year when Dirk Miller was cited as officer of the year and Shelley Tolliver was named MPD’s civilian employee of the year. I had an opportunity to watch both of them in action at the same time, assisting a ...

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‘Police deserve contract, better pay’

Dear Editor, Our MPD (Martinez Police Department) have been without contract since June 2015 and are suffering dire consequences. They have lost four experienced officers this year, with two more leaving at the end of the holidays. They are 13 percent lesser pay than 12 other agencies in the area. ...

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