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Henderson responds to Fish letter

Response to Hamilton Fish (see the Dec. 25, 2015, edition of the Martinez Tribune): Your outlook that includes a historic Martinez is refreshing. As one who remembers and fought three present members of council a decade ago who were bent on an RDA and destroying the current built environment, and ...

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‘What is the price of progress?’

There won’t be any Pine Meadow voter referendum before the Martinez electorate this fall. Actually, the vote was envisioned as a cut-and-dried yay or nay vote. Change the existing open space use designation in the (now aging) general plan to allow a proposed housing development to proceed on the Dean’s ...

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The ‘garden’ of Martinez

Dear Mr. Grinch, We are bees, not flies. Our buzz is productive buzz, signifying the telos (goal) of sweet honey. I think you have grown accustomed to the buzz of flies downtown, circling a decaying garden. We are a different creature. This is not the place to discuss why the ...

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Grinch responds to Rishell’s letter

Dear Mr. Rishell, Thank you for illustrating my point so beautifully (see the March 4-10, 2016 edition). All that yapping about bees buzzing, feasting off organically grown fruit in the garden … going “paleo.” Your letter reminded me of the old radio broadcasts, full of metaphors and sound effects. Only ...

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To Grinch: ‘Cheer up!’

Mr Grinch: I’m saddened (only slightly) by your anonymity. Personally, I believe in openness. Track me down at the Trib. I’m often there – at least notionally – for a cuppa. I love our “gray-haired old ladies and gents.” Indeed, I’m one of them. Please note that we “yap” (your ...

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Tim Platt on Pine Meadow public vote

Dear Editor, Pine Meadow has been Permanent Open Space/Recreation for over 40 years, and remains that today. Our successful referendum in February of last year stopped an attempt by the City Council to change Pine Meadow to housing.   The referendum resulted in the City Council calling for a public ...

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