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Henderson responds to Craig’s Rotary Report

Dear Paul Craig: The part of you that I know is one of the highest quality persons to ever walk the open hallways of Main Street. However, you often hand down Zues-like edicts that are woefully uninformed. “Criminal Justice” is the only oxymoron that is also a junior college degree. …

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Livermore & Pine Meadow

Dear Editor, The goal of Friends of Pine Meadow is to convince the Mayor and City Council to protect our open space and park land, and stop turning it into housing. And work to buy Pine Meadow – Permanent Open Space/Recreation since 1973 – for public use forever. Livermore succeeded …

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Grinch responds to Rishell’s letter

Dear Mr. Rishell, Thank you for illustrating my point so beautifully (see the March 4-10, 2016 edition). All that yapping about bees buzzing, feasting off organically grown fruit in the garden … going “paleo.” Your letter reminded me of the old radio broadcasts, full of metaphors and sound effects. Only …

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Artcelerator gives thanks, encourages art community

Dear Tribune Editor, [On Feb. 19] you published an article by Hannah Hatch about Art Beat, the Howard Finster exhibit, and the work that Artcelerator has been doing to cultivate a new art culture here in Martinez. We want to commend Hannah for her well-crafted write-up, and thank her for …

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