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McLeod supports Supervisor Federal Glover

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter was received past deadline for the edition prior to the General Election. Send letters to admin@martineztribune.com by 11 a.m. Wednesday in order to be published in the following Friday edition. *** Elections are difficult for engaged citizens. Truthiness dominates almost all political narrative, especially in ...

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‘Martinez deserves honesty, transparency’

For weeks, Federal Glover’s camp has been sending out false information about AnaMarie Avila Farias. Whether you support her or not, you should not accept lies about any candidate in a campaign. Such deceit simply makes the participating perpetrator(s) unworthy of public service. The Glover camp has promoted that AnaMarie ...

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Remembering Nancy

I just want to thank all of you for your kind and heartfelt deeds and sincere expressions of sorrow, loss, love and support. If Nancy were here, she’d be the life of the party for all her friends. Much love from her to you. – Guy Cooper

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Stand up to outside interest mudslinging

Like you, I’ve received a bunch [of] mailers filled with mistruths about AnaMarie Avila Farias in the mail. It infuriated me to see that independent expenditures on behalf of Federal Glover would stoop to the lowest level of mudslinging and tied three council members to the piece. At the last ...

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